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Scott H. Silverman On The Dr. Pat Show

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Scott H. Silverman On The Dr. Pat Show

Scott H. Silverman joins Dr. Pat Paccili on The Dr. Pat Show to discuss  Second Chance and breaking the cycle of unemployment, poverty, and homelessness. The recording of the show is now live and available on the web for free here or on iTunes.

Scott H. Silverman Discusses How To Reduce North Carolina’s Prison Problem Live On CharlotteTalks 90.7fm WFAE

Live streaming today at 6pm as well as audio archives and Podcasts are available of the show at wfae.org From the CharlotteTalks Website: North Carolina has the nation’s second fastest growing prison population. Prison construction puts a stress on state budgets and incarcerating prisoners is an expensive endeavor. Enter Scott Silverman, who for almost two decades has successfully helped to keep former convicts from a cycle of prison terms. His San Diego based organization Second Chance has helped reform thousands of California’s prisoners. He’s in Charlotte for a series of consultations and he sits down with us to talk about …

Scott H. Silverman Joins Patricia Raskin on the Positive Living Network

On September 15th Scott joined Patricia Raskin on Internet Talk Radio. The audio is now live. If you missed the show, you can catch it here.

BusinessWeek's Marshall Goldsmith Asks About "Second Chance" Principles That Work for Business

In this interview, Scott H. Silverman talks with BusinessWeek’s Marshall Goldsmith about how Second Chance helps keep former inmates out of prison by emphasizing respect, integrity, and truth, and how these values are the core for any business…

Marcy Morrison of Careers with Wings Interviews Scott H. Silverman

Marcy Morrison of Careers with Wings interviews Scott Silverman. Scott is the author of Tell Me No, I Dare You: A Guide for Living a Heroic Life and is an in demand leadership speaker. Scott is both locally and nationally recognized as a leader in the field of workforce development. He has received numerous awards and honors including recently being named CNN Hero of the Week and the City of San Diego honored him by selecting February 19 as “Scott Silverman Day” for his contributions to the community. He is the Executive Director and Founder of Second Chance, a human …

San Diego Magazine Profiles Scott H. Silverman

Eilene Zimmerman of San Diego Magazine profiles Scott H. Silverman in this December interview. Here’s a link to the published piece online as well as the quoted full article below: SCOTT SILVERMAN calls it divine intervention. Twenty-three years ago in a high-rise building in New York City, he inched onto a window ledge, intent on jumping. Silverman was in the city on a buying trip for his family’s retail business and the night before had passed out drunk on the street; the police brought him back to his hotel. “I had hit bottom,” he recalls. Suffering from depression, he medicated …

Turn No Into Yes! by Scott Silverman

On November 6, 2008, Scott H. Silverman was interviewed by Joe Bauer of San Diego Living on Channel CW 6. Scott is the author of Tell Me No, I Dare You: A Guide for Living a Heroic Life. In this clip, Scott shares five key ways to overcome no after no after no, to finally get to the YES that can change lives!

San Diego Living Interview on Fox San Diego 6

San Diego Living on Fox San Diego 6 interviews Second Chance founder Scott H. Silverman and program graduate Samuel Hinkle. The segment features advice on interviewing, dressing for success, and the Men’s Wearhouse National Suit Drive.

Celebrating 15 Years of Success

A 10 minute documentary about Second Chance, a San Diego based charitable organization that helps those with barriers to employment get and keep a job, exiting a cycle of poverty, homelessness, addiction or incarceration that many clients find themselves in. The video features one successful graduate, as well as interviews with Executive Director/Founder Scott H. Silverman and several key supporters of the agency.

bizSanDiego Exclusive Interview with Scott H. Silverman

In 1993, Scott Silverman founded Second Chance, a non-profit charitable organization committed to breaking the cycle of under and unemployment, poverty and homelessness that plague our city. Second Chance offers job readiness training, job placement and affordable housing to men, women and young adults who desire to change their lives. In this interview, Silverman discusses the upcoming graduating class and gives us the scoop on ways local business can get involved.